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Our Mission is to build a community free of substance abuse by effecting lasting, positive changes for the economic, social, spiritual and physical well-being of Wilmington’s children and adults.

Not sure where to turn for help? 

Need someone to talk to?
Call: 24 hour CRISIS LINE
 * Information
 * Refers callers to organizations that can help them
 * Provides reassurance calls for the elderly, disabled and homebound
 * Assists people who are in crisis andis credentialed in suicide intervention

Our Community...Our Responsibility!

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Monthly Meeting 

Island City Park District

315 N Water Street

Downtown Wilmington

April 13, 2015

6:30 pm

(815) 476-1660

1095 S. Water Street, Suite F, Wilmington, Illinois 60481


Here is an article link that might be helpful to parents trying to talk to there teens about how drug use, even if legalized, is still harmful.

For the community awareness, here is some information on House Bill 1. This is a proposal for comprehensive legislation for drug abuse and treatment. Please take time to review for yourself.h here.

It's a survey for people to take regarding parks being smoke free in Wilmington. Thanks!